Month: October 2021

Georgette Mulheir: Defender of Democracy

October 18, 2021

Since years ago, in a world where democracy is under attack from all sides, one woman has been fighting to preserve the most basic of human rights: The right to vote. Global leader Georgette Mulheir is working hard every day to make sure that Haitians can exercise their democratic power in an election free of…

How PosiGen is Playing an Important Role in Improving the Living Standards of People in the Community

October 18, 2021

Every other organization that is involved in selling various products and services to the community always wants to improve the lives of its customers. PosiGen is one of the organizations in the country today that is distributing solar energy to most of the families. Overall, for those that have never been served by electricity supply…

The Career Of Joseph Ashford The Owner Of K4 Global

October 15, 2021

Joseph Ashford is a very successful businessman and entrepreneur who is from London. He is the founder of a multi-faceted marketing firm called K4 Global. Joseph Ashford is also a philanthropist and is dedicated to helping sick children. He has a foundation that he started and leads called The Butterfly Foundation. What the butterfly Foundation…