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The Making Of Richard Liu

May 9, 2022

Richard Liu, the founder of the, was born in a small rural village in Jiangsu province in China. His parents were rice farmers, and he had to take care of his grandmother when they went to work. It is from his grandmother’s inspiration to make the most of what he had that his zeal…

What is QNET?

April 11, 2022

QNET is an online platform that offers customers a wide range of financing options such as purchase, installment, and leasing. The company also provides credit cards and checking accounts, so customers don’t have to make a separate account for each product. With their services, the convenience of the internet is coupled with the ability for…

The Tieks Shoes Worth The Price? A Valise Mag Review

December 15, 2021

Tieks, the company that has changed how women dress their feet forever, is worth all of the hype it has received since its debut. The brand Shoes are designed to help keep your toes separated and prevent them from rubbing together. Their “secret sauce” is a design patent with rubber on the bottom for traction!…