Georgette Mulheir: Defender of Democracy

Since years ago, in a world where democracy is under attack from all sides, one woman has been fighting to preserve the most basic of human rights: The right to vote. Global leader Georgette Mulheir is working hard every day to make sure that Haitians can exercise their democratic power in an election free of intimidation or violence. The global leader was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Georgette Mulheir moved abroad at age 17 after her father died, and there were no jobs for young people in the country. Mulheir began working as a maid, but after six years living off of minimum wage, she decided to go back to school. 


She graduated with honors from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and returned home to Haiti, where she was inspired by what she learned there. Mulheir founded Defend Haiti’s Democracy to fight for democracy in her home country. The organization is dedicated to strengthening Haitian civil society and protecting human rights in Haiti. As Georgette Mulheir states, in order to keep Haitians safe and encourage the process of democracy in Haiti, Defend Haiti’s Democracy works to: 


-Train and equip local leaders with organizational skills and knowledge in citizen protection, human rights, and public participation

-Provide aid to victims of government-led violence or intimidation.

-Turn out the vote by organizing election monitoring, providing transportation for voters to polling stations, and other activities that encourage citizens to exercise their right to vote (Muckrack).


Since its foundation in 2004, Defend Haiti’s Democracy has trained over 80,000 Haitians on civic participation and the protection of human rights. With the help of Defend Haiti’s Democracy, Haitians have been able to participate in over 60 elections and referendums, including 15 presidential elections. In addition, they have conducted over 20 election observations missions. In late 2014,Georgette Mulheir was awarded a Knighthood by the French government for her tireless efforts. In a world plagued by tension and conflict, Defend Haiti’s Democracy is working to give Haitians the right to determine their future. Georgette Mulheir has been leading this movement abroad for over 20 years, but her work is far from done. 


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