IM Academy Offers Skills Needed To Successfully Trade In Forex

Are you interested in learning forex trading? IM Academy got you covered. Its online educational services and products provider of essential Forex Trading skills that use supported live interactive content by app-based data and library pre-recorded information to educate its learners.

Forex experts De La Torre and Christopher founded IM Academy in 2013 with a vision of offering a reliable online Forex learning platform with a subscription model. Forex enthusiasts could also get interactive and accessible training that would benefit their trading through the platform. IM has spread its wings for the last eight years, becoming a large organization and acquiring over 200k subscribers that benefit from its Forex education.

IM Academy is a legal corporation with its global headquarters in New York. It takes pride in staying ahead of the curve and maintaining a remote working model. By saving cash on corporate expenses and office space, IM can acquire competent talents without geographical limitation and focus on attaining its educational undertaking. IM has operated effectively and without disruption with this model despite the Covid-19 emergency measures.

IM Academy Products

IM Academy’s learning products are Modules called academies that contain four training programs on its website that learners can access through customer referral. All of their video modules have several informational videos with their unlimited goLive sessions that help students use the concept to trade in real-life. The interactive videos help students learn the basics of forex trading and help them further their trading skills while learning at their pace.

The videos help students understand the trading concepts and methodology. The actual learning happens during the goLive teaching session, where students apply hands-on what they learn in each video. The goLive sessions also let students interact directly with IM Academy educators. All goLive sessions use thirteen languages on different days and times to reach out to students in varied time zones. See related link for more information.


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