Information About David Parrottuf

Dr. David Parrott UF is a highly accomplished higher education leader. He has served at various institutions, including the University of Florida, Western Michigan University, the University of Louisville, Western Kentucky University, and Texas A&M University. Dr. Parrott UF served as a vice president, dean of students, chief of staff, interim vice president, executive associate vice president, director of residence life, and Title IX coordinator.

Dr. David Parrott UF is a seasoned tertiary education administrator and, therefore, an adviser in higher education threat assessment, student conduct, race relations, and legal issues. He has experience in compliance issues of student affairs and other significant aspects of tertiary education law. Dr. Parrott has consulted with various universities, university police agencies, student affairs staff, civic organizations, residence hall staff, and national and regional organizations. These organizations acknowledge him as their most valued speaker.

Dr. David Parrott UF also taught administration law in the tertiary institutions. He served as an auxiliary faculty member at the University of Florida, Louisville, Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green State University, Texas A&M University, and Western Michigan University. Dr. Parrott worked with students in the tertiary education administration Ph.D. program and the master’s program of student affairs.

Dr. David Parrott UF also served in various departments at Gehring Academy, including the Student Organization Institute, assistant deputy president for student affairs, the national training school for student conduct officials, the national training academy for supervisors of student institutions, and the NASPA AVP Institute. Dr. David was a board member at the Association for Student Conduct Administration (ASCA). He was the chairman and member of the board at ASCA Foundation.

Dr. David Parrott UF currently serves at the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators. He is a charter associate of ASCA, a top associate at Golden Key Honor Society, and life membership at Delta Sigma Pi, a global business fraternity. Dr. Parrott holds the highest honors from ASCA, the Donald D. Gehring Award. He was given this award to recognize his dedication and contributions to the student conduct administration field. The National Orientation Directors Association also awarded Dr. Parrott.

Dr. Parrott UF has a wife, Dr. Kelli Peck Parrott , and two children, Jason, 16, and Jackson, 17. He enjoys spending time with his family after work, watching sports, fishing, and playing with their two dogs.