Meet Up with Miki Agrawal an Environmentalist Who Always Develops Environmentally Friendly Products

Miki Agrawal is a Canadian innovator whose resourcefulness has brought numerous changes to the world. Miki is normally described as an entrepreneur and a vision creator with an unmatched desire to interrupt the status quo in a myriad of industries. Miki’s particularly irrelevant approach is massively manifested in her two blockbuster books and successful businesses. Her books and businesses have massively focused on subjects related to the current society. Miki Agrawal is usually excited by any presenting opportunity to disrupt the status quo in her life and that of others. She is a holder of a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Communication from the prestigious Cornell University.

After clearing her studies at the university, Miki Agrawal worked with New York City Deutsche Bank where she served as an investment banking analyst. It was during her tenure at the bank that saw Miki Agrawal getting profound impacts by the 9/11 events. She innately developed a thrilling desire and passion to impact people around her and add something worth to the globe. Instead of Miki redefining her career to fit that of a philanthropist, she resulted in choosing an ideal lifestyle and also looked for compatible business ideas. In the year 2005, she incepted a company dubbed as “Wild” formerly known as “Slice”, a farm-to-table and gluten-free pizzeria.

Currently, the Wild Company operates two successful eateries in New York City. As this was not enough, Miki Agrawal was geared up to start her next business venture. In her mind, she critically thought of a business idea that was friendly to the environment and one that met a universal need. In the year 2008, Miki Agrawal established a company dubbed THINX. The company mainly focuses on offering women sustainable underwear that was to significant help theme during their critical moments in a month, menstrual cycles.

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