PosiGen: Solar Power for All

The journey of transforming lives through solar power installation accessible and affordable is a mission Posigen solar energy company aims and commits to travelling. The solar installation company is working extremely hard to implement access to solar power for all. Posigen wants to make alternative solar power affordable and easy to access with particular interest to persons from low and middle-income communities. Also, persons of colour get given priority when it comes to access to this technology as they are part of the marginalised group for decades. 


Posigen, through its able leadership, has introduced a revolutionary program that aims to see a higher uptake in solar systems installation. The system known as the solar leasing program is meant to allow communities to gain access to this solar power technology through a lease agreement between the company and individuals willing to sign up to the deal. The PosiGen solar lease program has significant benefits to the communities that have embraced the idea. The communities have had a rare opportunity of improving their lives and homes by saving on utility and energy costs. 


Posigen is a proud partner in creating a brighter future for these communities in the small and big ways they can. Posigen believes that they can bring about the difference they dream of to the world by using and championing the adoption of solar power as alternative clean energy. They strive to leave a permanent mark in the communities they undertake projects into (Nola). 


They strive to ensure families, mainly originating from low and middle-income areas, have access to affordable yet accessible energy sources in the name of solar power. Such missions have led to Posigen outlining some primary goals that guide the company in its daily and future activities involving communities collaborating and partnering together in this quest. Some of these goals to improve people’s lives include but are not limited to the following: Posigen struggles to ensure they have left a positive mark in the communities and lives of those they serve during their projects. The core mandate of Posigen is to provide communities, and individuals save on the cost of utility by lowering their bills. The primary goal is to keep a dollar from every household with an installed solar panel system, even if it means Posigen loses a dollar.