QNET Clears The Misunderstanding About The Scam Allegations

In the recent days, many people have been throwing stones at QNET, referring to it as a scam. This has been a common thing, especially for those who do not understand how the company operates. The direct selling industry has undergone a complex transformation that has led to the current direct selling industry. Very few countries around the world participate in the direct selling business.

What is the reality behind QNET? This is an international ecommerce direct selling company that supplies high-quality products to its clients in different parts of the world. The company supplies its products dire to the consumers on the ground from the manufacturing agencies worldwide. The company was established like any other business in the year 1988 by Vijay Eswaran in the United States. Check out Youtube to subscribe.

Initially, the company offered its direct selling services to manufacturing companies based in the United States. It developed into a big brand and extended its hand to the Philippines, where it dominated the market in the 1980s. As the company continues to grow, its partners in the United States closed down overnight, leaving them stranded with huge debts from its clients. Eswaran decided to utilize the trust he had acquired from other companies to develop a startup.

QNET developed as a small company that evolved, gradually diversifying its services in different parts of the world through recruiting a huge team of members to work with. This contributed to increasing the business’s existence across the countries by supplying consumer products at the community level. Most people tend to wonder how the QNET members benefit from the direct selling business.

Every member is paid a commission on the number of sales made after a given period. This means that the higher the number of sales, the higher you earn. The reality is that QNET is a legal business covering a significant market size.

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