“Remember Remarkably” with Eterneva

Just the thought of losing a loved one can make anyone feel uneasy and if you have lost a loved one, then it is easy to understand the pain. Most of the time, the only formal means of closure provided is the funeral service, which is never enough time for grieving.

But with breakthrough technology, Eterneva has created a way for our lost ones to stay close forever. The company creates synthetic diamonds from hair or ashes of those to be remembered. The samples are sent to a lab in Austin, Texas where the carbon is extracted and used to create a diamond that can be worn in any fashion. The process takes about 7-10 months and starts at about $3,000. The sentiment within this diamond will hold for years to come because every time that it is worn or complimented, the wearer will be reminded of those they choose to remember. Jewelry can hold a similar caliber of sentiment as a tattoo, since it is close to the body and almost always worn.

With that being said, Eterneva really has erased the gap of losing the loved altogether after the funeral through this revolutionary means of creating comfort for the wearer. This celebration of lost ones was especially important during times of COVID-19, when those grieving were restricted from gathering for funeral services. Due to this lack of tradition surrounding heavy grieving periods, this created more of a disconnect than ever before. Eterneva recognized this immediately and partnered up with 17 funeral homes across the country to offer their services to the grieving population. Although this isn’t the first company to offer this kind of service, they are approaching marketing more strategically than the competition. This is truly a company that leads with their mission in mind. More information: https://eterneva.com/memorial-diamond-cost