Ryan Kavanaugh Throws Boxing Into The Marketing Ring

Triller Fight Club is turning boxing into a cultural influencer platform, partnering the sport with music and iconic brands. This innovation in content marketing is the work of co-founders Ryan Kavanaugh and Snoop Dog. Triller Fight Club’s unique global affiliate marketing approach has earned it a nomination for Best Digital First Production in the 2021 SportsPro OTT Awards.

The Tyson versus Jones pay-per-view bout in 2020 launched Triller Fight Club for Ryan Kavanaugh. The event broke previous digitally broadcast PPV records across the board and earned the number 8 spot in fight pay-per-view history. Proving that Kavanaugh and Snoop Dog successfully redefined boxing as entertainment media, the April 17 event showcasing Youtuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul and MMA champion Ben Askren created a sport and entertainment spectacle. Musicians including Justin Bieber, Ice Cube, and Diplo performed.

Kavanaugh and his team plan to pair legendary athletes with trending music and entertainment talents to not only impress current fans but also attract new boxing enthusiasts, especially the younger audience. These audiences will then experience introductions of fresh music, sports, fashion, and entertainment trends. Furthermore, these boxing bout extravaganzas will be platforms for major brands to gain exposure as well. Companies such as Pepsi, L’Oreal, and McDonald’s have already come aboard.

Ryan Kavanaugh, along with his co-founder and executives of Triller Fight Club’s parent company Triller.net, expects Triller app users to share content outside of the app. This viral sharing across numerous social media platforms offers opportunities for brand and cultural influencers to reach global markets. Additionally, data gathered on sharing habits will provide insights for marketers, artists, and athletes into further engagement and monetization opportunities.

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