The Career Of Joseph Ashford The Owner Of K4 Global

Joseph Ashford is a very successful businessman and entrepreneur who is from London. He is the founder of a multi-faceted marketing firm called K4 Global. Joseph Ashford is also a philanthropist and is dedicated to helping sick children. He has a foundation that he started and leads called The Butterfly Foundation. What the butterfly Foundation does is give support to children who are suffering from epidermolysis bullosa. Mr. Ashford gained the experience to start his own company from working in various financial industry roles. Mr. Ashford was able to hone his skills in one area specifically and this was providing scalable solutions to small businesses to help them grow.

It is undeniable by the work that Mr. Ashford does care about people in many different ways. It shows in his philanthropy work and his professional life. This is one of the reasons why he started his company K4 Global to help other entrepreneurs build their small businesses and achieve the highest level of success. Joseph Ashford founded K4 Global in 2014. K4 serves many different types of companies in many different sectors. The types of businesses that K4 services are technology, media, property, service, and many more. Mr. Ashford and his company K4 have to recognize the drive of the owners and its team before going into business with a company. The reason why is because you cannot nurture individuals who do not have a drive and are not inspired to succeed. If this drive is present, Mr. Ashford and his firm K4 can help build and help push a company's vision and team forward and more


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Joseph Ashford made his company K4 because his employees follow a strict set of company guidelines that create a positive company culture. Mr. Ashford is also very selective when hiring new people to ensure that the company culture stays the same. Mr. Ashford was able to make K4 successful because of the client's first approach. Mr. Ashford always tries to go above and beyond for his clients and he instills this same ethic into his team members.

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