The Kip Lewis Shares Insights Into How Business Can Survive Tough Times

The Austin based real estate guru and founder of Lewis Investments, Kip Lewis has had a prosperous entrepreneurial career. He made his first real estate purchase at Round Rock in 1992 at age 27 and has grown his fortune significantly over the last 29 years. Leveraging his entrepreneurial experience, Kip recently shared insights into how businesses can survive tough times.


Emphasizing planning ahead


According to this iconic business leader, any enterprise looking to survive challenging times should emphasize planning ahead. This planning should include strategies to handle the most unimaginable situations possibles. The Lewis Investments founder said that many organizations had not planned for any event to bring the world to a standstill until the pandemic in 2020. He revealed that companies that had planned ahead had a smoother time getting through the global business disruptions that the pandemic caused.


Creating multiple revenue streams


During the height of the pandemic, it became apparent that any company that was going to become and stay successful moving forward would need to create multiple income streams. The celebrated Austin based realtor mentioned that this is because many enterprises with one revenue stream were at significant risk of collapse if that was cut off for any reason. He advised all kinds of ventures to take time and find ways to diversify their revenue streams to safeguard their success.


Kip Lewis’ rise to the top


Though the 1992 it would be the first for this emerging Texas real estate guru, many more would soon follow. In the second half of the 1990s, he would engage in developing two communities in the Georgetown and Plugerville areas. Additionally, he purchased a highly coveted home office building in the Historic Downtown Round Rock. In 1999, Kip Lewis set up a primer upscaled dining site in the same area that has become a favorite for locals and tourists.