Tom Chang MD Talks About Digital Eye Strain

It is important to prioritize your eye health. While growing up, you may have been issued some guidelines on ensuring your eyes are healthy at all times. For instance, you may have been told not to read during the night hours. Also, you may have been advised to take carrots since they will help to improve your vision. Specialized ophthalmologist Tom Chang MD says that some of these guidelines usually come in handy. The only issue is that you’re not conversant with all the facts that revolve around digital eye strain. 


As you work from home amid the pandemic, you’ll be exposed to different technological devices, including your laptop. In the process, you can experience digital eye strain. To avoid some of these issues, you should take specific measures to avoid the condition. Fortunately, Tom S Chang MD is willing to weigh in on the digital eye strain issue. As a renowned Ophthalmologist, Tom S Chang MD is well suited to offering valuable insights on how to navigate some of these issues (Doctor). 


About Digital Eye Strain


Digital eye strain is a condition that usually occurs when you use different technological devices extensively. Technological devices such as laptops and television usually emit blue light. Some of the common symptoms associated with eye strain include headaches and discomfort. According to Tom Chang MD, the symptoms will vary from one person to another.  Currently, the workplace environment has been digitized. Children are also learning remotely through e-learning portals. As a result, there is the risk of being exposed to technological devices for long, which means a considerable population will experience digital eye strain. Tom S Chang MD recommends that people should take a break after using the technological devices for a prolonged period.


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