what we can expect from congress this year, according to Jake Madwell

After a hard, long battle with Covid-19, the U.S finally successfully lowered its infection rate. As the country is beginning to reopen, everyone is keeping a watchful eye on the economy. Employment numbers for April were lower than expected. Inflation is slowly increasing, reaching rates that we have only seen since the great recession in 2008. The hacking of the colonial pipeline is proving to be another factor putting our economy at risk. The passing of a successful infrastructure bill could be the boost we need to keep the economy afloat during these questionable times. In Jake Madwell’s opinion, Congress will not pass any revolutionary legislation this year. The FAST Act is up for renewal, but the renewal will be postponed if democrats and republicans are unable to agree. The FAST Act includes legislation that affects highway traffic. Truckers log their driving hours onto a computer instead of on paper because of the FAST Act. If the democrats and republicans can agree on what to include in the FAST Act, we can expect more policies geared towards climate change. When it comes to infrastructure, Madwell is sure we can expect the democrats to pass an infrastructure bill that focuses on human infrastructure instead of physical infrastructure. The democrats will also want to raise corporate taxes to raise money, but they will be restricted in how much they can raise taxes because of the fragile economy.

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Jake Madwell is the co-founder of 8VC. Along with 8VC, he also helped to co-found Humin, Kairos society and Sole Bicycle Co. He has dedicated the majority of his life to helping build and refresh companies.

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