Reeve Benaron, CEO at AUDIENCEX

Reeve Benaron is the CEO of the company AUDIENCEX. It is a social media marketing company that specializes in content distribution, sales and advertising. In this blog post, Benaron goes into detail about what one can expect from his career. He also gives some advice to those who might be thinking about becoming an entrepreneur.


He shares his personal experiences with entrepreneurial endeavors as well as other articles on entrepreneurship. Reeve Benaron has a lot of previous experience in the startup industry, beginning with his time working at Illuminate Ventures. He also worked as an analyst at Illuminate and an investment associate at GIPI Partners LLC. 


His work as a VentureCounselor, where he was in charge of four deals, one of them being the acquisition deal for AUDIENCEX in 2012, shows that he has excellent knowledge about how to start and run a business successfully. Reeve Benaron also points out in the article that he has both a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.


With Benaron’s experience and schooling, he has been able to get his current job in which he is the CEO of AUDIENCEX. Benaron says, “I realized that I wanted to build a company that served as a platform for engaging and influencing content (Contactout)”. 


After Benaron had this realization, he began building the company with partners. After the deal was completed, the company was launched and began to grow. At the moment, successful businessman Reeve Benaron has three employees and about 350 clients, which shows that he is a very successful entrepreneur with his hard work. According to Benaron, “People are cynical about social media but when you’re talking to someone face-to-face in a community setting… it’s more authentic.