The future of medical technology According To Mahmoud Khattab, CEO of Precision M.D

Mahmoud Khattab, the CEO of Precision M.D, has a personal passion for medical innovation. As a 24-year-old medical student fresh out of med school, he knew the future was in healthcare device and software startups, not hospitals. However, looking back on it now, Khattab sees how wrong he was to think that way. The startup journey wasn’t easy; it was one of the most challenging years of his life — but today Khattab is a very different person. He’s now the co-founder and CEO of Precision M.D, specializing in developing high-quality medical supplies for electrophysiology (EP) practitioners and surgeons.

The startup culture at Precision M.D

The culture at many startups is very different from that at a medical facility. At a startup, employees are thrown together with different ideologies, cultures and language backgrounds. This can make it difficult for some people to fit in. When people don’t understand something or get an answer they’re looking for, they’re often quick to complain to management. But at Precision M.D, there’s a culture of collective problem-solving. Everyone knows their role and everyone plays an important part in the company’s success. Focus on the journey, not the end result. That’s the startup life philosophy at Precision M.D.

How the team works without managers

The best companies don’t have managers —instead, they have teams. Teams are made up of people who have different roles and are responsible for finding a solution to a problem. At Precision M.D, there aren’t any leaders or managers. In fact, there aren’t any titles at all. The team leads day-to-day operations and makes all major business decisions together. This is a good thing because teams have the flexibility to make decisions autonomously when necessary. And without leaders, people on teams are empowered to make decisions on their own. This can be a scary thing for managers to live by, but at Precision M.D, managers are not the top decision-makers.

As the medical world continues to face challenges in terms of access, affordability and quality of care, entrepreneurs can look to the startup world to learn a thing or two. In our increasingly complex world, the only way forward is forward —and that’s always with innovation, entrepreneurship and partnerships. That’s what makes Precision M.D such an exciting company to be a part of. This small team of engineers, scientists and physicians is changing the game in the healthcare industry by creating an affordable, easy to use and comfortable solution for patients. Check out to read full interview by Mahmoud Khattab