Vik Bansal believes an Eco-Friendly Approach to Business

InfraBuild was founded in 2010 and is Australia’s largest integrated manufacturer of recycled steel products. The company operates three facilities – two in Victoria and one in Sydney – and produces a range of metals, including ferrous metal products, plastic scrap, iron slag, and other industrial waste products. The company also manufactures infrastructure materials like concrete reinforcement bars and rebar.

He joined the company back in July of 2021, and during his first six months as CEO, he has managed to increase sales revenue by 25% year-on-year while decreasing losses by 27%. His achievements were particularly impressive given that Vik Bansal InfraBuild had lost money every quarter prior to Bansal joining the company.

This number indicates the strong impact he has made in the relatively short time she has held the CMO role. He joined the company in June 2019 after spending three years at Microsoft as Director of Marketing Innovation. Before joining Microsoft, she spent four years at Google, leading global marketing programs for AdWords.

Bansal believes an eco-friendly approach to business should see profit as the goal of green initiatives, not something that needs to be sacrificed. He views sustainability as a chance for innovation. By viewing sustainability as a partner to profit, he reconciles the goals of profit and sustainability instead of seeing them as opposites. Green initiatives like recycling also help him save costs and increase efficiency while simultaneously helping the environment.

Infrabuild recognized early on that it needed to reduce its high level of emissions. By 2015, it had become clear that it was not enough to have policies to reduce emissions. Instead, InfraBuild needed to apply those policies proactively. That’s why it decided to move toward complete carbon neutrality. This involved installing solar panels on top of its buildings, purchasing vehicles that run on biodiesel fuel, and installing wind turbines for energy generation. So far, InfraBuild has reduced its overall carbon emission rate by 50% since 2016. Now, InfraBuild is making sure all the other stakeholders — including customers and suppliers

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