What Mirabaud Does to Ensure the Long-Term Viability of Art Funding

Mirabaud is dedicated to modern art in many ways than just its enormous collection. This strategy helps contemporary artists and the organizations and events that assist spread art to a larger audience. It’s in keeping with the ideals of the Group, a leader in sustainable and responsible finance. That’s why the firm has been one of the museum’s most steadfast backers ever since it started.

The dedication is indicative of the value their culture places on creative production, that singular endeavor that allows them to leave our comfort zones and asks us to examine ourselves or the world around us to get a fresh perspective. Thinking beyond the box or creatively is essential to developing any new idea.

Mirabaud’s living collection. All of the Mirabaud Group locations are included in the collection.

Since 1819, Mirabaud has been dedicated to the cutting edge of art. Its collection reflects this dedication via its breadth and diversity, offering a multifaceted perspective on our shared past and present. Mirabaud: We collect works by emerging Swiss and international artists and prioritize spreading the word about the value of original thought in all its manifestations.

Mirabaud: Our artworks are also available for loan to museums and galleries upon request. We are also dedicated to incorporating art into public spaces. Cities are made more vibrant by conversations between city planners, architects, and artists, which also prompts a reevaluation of urban space. We help fund the FIAC Hors les Murs so that art can be displayed in Paris’s most recognizable public spaces.

When you invest in modern art, you’re also investing in the universe of ideas and the creative artists who give them form. These principles have served as a beacon for almost two centuries for the organization. It has reflected on the importance of the individual in society and advocated for artists. Kindly refer to this page to learn more.


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